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Please enter your username and password below. (It is the same one that is used to register or re-register your son) If you do not remember your username or password, read paragraph below.


If after successfully logging in and the Strake Jesuit School and Health Forms Magnus link button does not appear you have used the wrong user name and password.  To be able to log into Magnus you must enter the user name and password you used to register or reregister your son for school enrollment.  The user name and password you have to view grades will not access the button to be able to log into Magnus.   Please do not try to log into Magnus through their site or ask Magnus to reset your password.  Neither of these actions will work to log you into your Strake Jesuit Magnus Account.  If you cannot remember your login and password for registration/reregistration contact Tony Muniz for help.  Please include your name, your son's name and his grade.

Strake Jesuit Magnus Login Page

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